Release Date 26/1/2020

Aurora Mitchell thought accepting a research position with the American military was a chance to expand her career and redirect her life.  A fresh start with a new country to explore. It sounds ideal, until her first day at work where she's banned from leaving the military base and all outside contact.


When Kaiser arrives on base wounded, she becomes committed to helping the wounded soldier. Only Kaiser isn't just any soldier,  he's a special forces canine, and the secrets in his DNA are a matter of life and death.

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Release Date 28/2/2020

The witches warned him, and now half his of Kaiser's pack is missing, possibly injured and lost forever. The race is on to find their missing members, one of whom is Kaiser's desired mate, Aurora. Keeping his friends and family safe and well is challenging enough as it is, without Liam spiriting them away. He's become a wolf with unprecedented powers of compulsion, and he want's Kaiser's pack for his own.

Kaiser must avoid falling under his nemesis thrall, and bring his family home.

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With the Haven pack torn asunder, time is ticking for them all. It’s a race to solve the riddle of their species' rapid aging, and bring everyone together once more. With the witches working by his side, Kaiser may yet resolve the threats to his pack and family. But there is more than meets the eye, and a much bigger threat when the past blindsides them all.