Australian Romance

Twist of Fate
Carmichael Saga

Released ​August 24, 2016

Lauren Wood is a survivor... keeping a low profile on her farm in rugged Australian back country, wilderness Tasmania. Should the maniac she's hiding from track her down, she's prepared with a ready made panic room... of sorts. As ready as she'll ever be. Unable to live openly, life is passing her by, Lauren is lonely... tired of running... afraid for her life. 

A fall from her horse while out riding leaves her stranded and injured far from home. Unexpected help arrives in the form of Matthew Carmichael who is also out riding... Luckily for her. Handsome and considerate, she has no choice but to trust him. 

Veterinarian Matthew Carmichael is out riding in the local Forestry plantation, finding solace in the crisp morning and the companionship of his stallion. When he comes across Lauren, minus her horse and unable to walk; he's ethically and morally obliged to help her. Unable to care for herself, it's necessary for him to take her under his roof. As their attraction to each other grows, can he come to terms with the tragedy in his past? Can he head off the tragedy that threatens the future?

Shadow of a Lie
Carmichael Saga - Book Two
Release December 2016

With his girlfriend temporarily gone, Veterinarian Thomas Carmichael is like catnip to ambitious single women in town. He's hoping that by ignoring them, they'll all just go away.

Victoria Wood has returned to London to complete a work contract after a leave of absence. It's only eight months' after all and then she'll be back in Thomas' arms. It all seems straight forward, until her ex wants back on the scene.

Distance, miscommunication and lies, muddy the waters of their fledgling relationship before it truly starts, and when it does... is it already too late?

Twice Shy
Carmichael Saga - Book Three
Released April 2017

Robert Williams' existence has been turned on its head. He's got a new job, and an ex-girlfriend giving him trouble seeing his child. A daughter that until recently, he didn't even know he was having.

His life is complicated... and when he's reunited with his best friend Danielle, he knows it'll get more complicated still. She's the one girl he's always wanted... and this time... could it be she'll say yes? Even with all his baggage?

Danielle has always had feelings beyond the platonic for Robert. With those feelings come fear. She's frightened if they take their relationship any further, they'll lose all they hold dear.

Two Good Men
Carmichael Saga - Prequel
Released 2018

A stand alone Prequel to the Carmichael Saga.
Post World War II. Henry and Emmet’s brotherly bond is unbreakable, until Millicent comes back into their lives. In 1949 at just the age of 13, the brothers took 15-year-old Millie under their wing, when she and her mother were struggling to make ends meet after the loss of her father during the war. When Millie was forced to move on with her life, neither brother thought they'd ever see her again. 
Family tragedy and social expectations shape them into men, and when the Australian government fears an 'Asian Invasion' from the Eastern Block, eighteen-year-old Henry and Emmet must go into compulsory National Service.
When destiny puts Millie into the brother’s path again, their childhood crush for her is rekindled and the once close brothers begin to drift apart. Millicent loves them both and has to choose from two good men, unable to avoid breaking a heart.

Finding Alice
Carmichael Saga - Prequel
Release late 2018

The second stand alone Prequel to the Carmichael Saga.
Finding Alice runs parallel to the 'Two Good Men' timeline, read it on its own or after 'Two Good Men.' 

A woman’s rights are not her own.


Alice is a disgrace to the family. Disowned for refusing to marry the man who wronged her, she’s packed off to a hospice for unmarried mothers, where it’s intended she’ll be out of sight and out of mind until her baby is surrendered for adoption. Alice has her own ideas and wants to keep her child, but is unprepared for the vilification, moral judgments and repeated abuse her decision will cause. Stripped of her confidence and self-esteem, Alice is left questioning her abilities as a mother. In her darkest hour, when all seems lost, little does she know that help is on its way.


Three men claimed to love her, but only one will truly find her.